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General Facts
 Dumeril Boa Irian Jaya carpet pythons, Morelia spilota variegata, are also called New Guinea carpet pythons. They come from the island of West Papua - northeast coast of Australia.

They are slender bodied snakes with long tails, perfect for their arboreal lives. The Irian jaya carpet pythons are very attractively marked snakes. As hatchlings, they are rusty in coloration, which darkens with age with the paler areas turn yellow and gold.

The babies of carpet pythons can be nippy, which is their natural defense and feeding response, but they tame with handling. They don't grow to large sizes and can make very attractive calm pet snakes.
Irian Jaya carpet python enclosure

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Species info
  1. Irian Jaya carpet python - Morelia spilota varigata
Breeding cycle of a carpet python:
  1. Pictoral introduction to the breeding cycle of carpet pythons - based on example of Irian Jaya carpet python
  2. Care of hatchlings
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 Kenyan sand boas

2006 babies, very large, well started and all eating ! Only 8 left !

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