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Irian Jaya carpet python housing

Irian Jaya carpet pythons, like all carpet pythons, are semi-arboreal. They like to stay on the ground exploring, but they also are good climbers and feel at home off the ground.

Hatchlings can be easily kept in tall Rubbermaid containers. It is good to supply them with a branch. Being nocturnal snakes, they will often come out at night and use it.

Irian Jaya carpet pythons will grow steadily during the first year, and at one point they should be given a tall custom made enclosure, like the one below.
Irian Jaya carpet python enclosure
This particular Irian Jaya python's cage has been built by me. My pythons were moved to it at about one year of age ( the one in the picture is a male ). This enclosure is big anough to accomodate my Irian Jaya carpet pythons after they grow into adulthood, and will be sufficcient for them their entire lives.

When making Irian Jaya carpet pythons enclosures is important to make them water proof. Carpet pythons Live in moist environments, and require periodical misting. I mist my carpet pythons enclosures daily.
Irian Jaya carpet pythons are arboreal snakes, and I always provide them with branches to climb. I use aspen shavings for substrate.
I also supply them with two hiding boxes - one on the side wall, and one at the bottom of the cage. They seem to prefer the top one, but will also spend time in the ground hiding, which becomes also egg laying chamber. (see the photo below)
Irian Jaya carpet python enclosure
I keep the temperature gradient between 80 and 95 F. To heat the cage up I use light bulbs, which when turned off at night help in maintaining a night temperature drop.
Of course, all snakes will need a dish with clean water to drink.

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